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Plants vs. Zombies Comic!
 "Hi!"   "Hi!"  "You are 
                                                                         not on my
                                                                            team." "Whaaat?"   "I said you are not on 
                                                          my team!"
 "Oh yeah, right."   "What are
                                                                              you two
 "We are talking about our teams." 

 "And now,lets fight!"   
 "Attack!"   "Go go go!"

 "Yay!"   "I'm gonna climb over you."

 "Oh no you won't."   "Yes I will."

 "Um."   "Rooaarr!"

 "Uh-oh."   "I can help


 "Rooaarr!"   "Yay!"

 "I'm gonna EAT    "My lunch!"
                       YOUR BRAINS!"
 "Uh-oh."   "Yummy!"  

 "Brraaaiiinns!"   "Do you want to
 "No,I don't want to die."   "Die!"

 "Eat brains!"   "Freeze you!"


 "What a nice d...hey!"   "Let's 
                                                                     play football!"

 "No."   "Shotgun,set,hut!"

 "I said no!"   "Oh."

 "I want brains      "But you won't
                 like my friends"
                              get them."
 "Yes I will."   "Do you want me to 
                                                         throw stuff at you?"
 "No."   "Then scram before I lose my
 "Fine,I will."   "I'm gonna make today
                                                         a very sunny day." "Not if I eat you first."   "But you won't."

 "Melon-pult to the rescue!"   "Uh-oh."

 "Let me be adventurous."

 "Look,I'm in outer space!"

  "I'm getting rotten,because I'm getting mad!"

   "Look,I'm poisonous!"   "Ok,my turn."

 "Hey,this is fun!"   "My turn."

 "I have a helmet like Gatling Pea!"

 "My turn."   "Look,I'm wheat!"

 "My turn."   "I'm rotten!"

 "Here I come!" 

 "Uh-oh."   "Yummy!"

 "Here I come!"   "Uh-oh."

 "Braaaiiinnns!"   "Go away!"

 "Uh-oh."   "Charge!"

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